Want to use a computer - but you’ve not

been shown how to (or have forgotten)?

Connect to free WiFi / set up broadband?

Video call friends and family anywhere in

the world for FREE using a Tablet,

Laptop, PC or Smartphone?   

Have your own email  account?

Bank online, buy & sell things, make

online bookings, use Google, Facebook,

Twitter etc safely & confidently?

If, like a lot of people, you have no idea

where to start but you want to video call

the kids in Australia and have some of the

benefits that modern technology brings.

I can or help you get everything, install it,

coach you to understand and use it and

support you with any technical issues…

in your home, club or small business.

Want to be online - but think it is beyond you?  Think again.

YOU CAN DO IT, with my help.

Maybe you already have equipment but

don’t (or can’t) use it… I can set it up

to work for YOU and coach you in how to

use it and provide ongoing support

If, as, and when you need it…

Welcome to Handytech - your local high-tech handyman & coach

Here to help you and yours make the most of modern technology

WiFi, Email, Internet, Tablet, PC, SmartTV, SmartPhone, Software, Hardware …

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