Who are you?

I’ve been involved with electronics and IT since 1984 - my first works PC was a 286. Since then I’ve been involved in Project management,

Electronics Design and for 25 years I worked in Technical Electronic Sales. My common sense approach to issues and experience of

Configuring and using hardware and software - domestic and commercial - is your guarantee of quality. I am the family &  friends go-to for

technical issues  - and the fact that I’m semi-retired means I don’t have to charge you a fortune!

Who are your usual clients ?

Often  it is people “of an age” who didn’t keep up with the computer revolution and who got left behind but who now want to be able to

video call the Grandkids in Australia or get email & newsletters or surf the ‘net or bank online etc. Sometimes it is their kids - easier and

quicker for me to sort out their parents technical  issues and to provide support than get involved themselves.  Could be a small business

with no IT resource needing some support. Basically anyone with tech issues or needs.

What areas do you cover?

I’m based in Chilwell so I preferred areas are Toton, Beeston, Sandiacre, Attenborough, Long Eaton etc though I’m happy to travel further

To Wollaton etc..- see the  map on my contact page - I won’t just abandon people outside my area and will try to help everyone I can.  

This is me giving something back

When do you work?

Mon-Fri  8:30 to 5. That doesn’t mean I down tools at 5 - I’m very flexible.  I try not to work at weekends but I appreciate that some folk

need help and support at the weekend.  I provide free phone support to existing customers and they can call me anytime up to 9 PM..

Incidentally if my existing customers need me to come out to support or coach them they get a reduced rate…

How much do you charge?

Following our initial telephone chat where we work out whether or not I can help you (and if I can’t help you I don’t charge), I’ll come to see you.

The first 15 minutes or so of my visit are free (whilst you ply me with tea) and we discuss more detail and see how long things are likely to

take. All free so far. When we’ve agreed what needs to be done, the next hour or part of hour is £35 and after that each half hour is £12.50.  

I don’t clock-watch and 10 minutes leeway is neither here nor there. After hours or at weekends add 10%. No VAT needed.

Are you insured ?

Yes, I carry £2,000,000 of Public and Product Liability Insurance and all of my work is guaranteed

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