Who we are…

I’m Keith Salway – the main man at Handytech. I’ve been a motorcyclist continuously since 1974 and over the years, in search of fun, I’ve tried my hand at hang gliding, Paragliding, scuba diving and potholing. Here I am bungy jumping off the Kawarau Gorge bridge in New Zealand in 2018.

Kawarau New Zealand
Taking the Plunge

I worked in operational and strategic sales for over 25 years. I realised that there is so much more to life and work than grinding away earning money. In 2017 I discovered what fun could be had designing and creating things with a with a hobby laser. In January 2019 I bought an elegant British manufactured industrial Laser cutter engraver and gave up the corporate life. I started designing and creating nice things. Things I’m proud of. Things people like to hold and look at. I get a LOT of pleasure from my hobby turned business.

What do I make

Not much money, that’s for sure…

I’ve been developing a range of iconic Christian items – from beautiful crosses constructed of nothing but the words of the Lords Prayer (all recognised versions) – a lovely slate mounted wooden serenity prayer – tasteful Christian gifts such as ringboxes, cathedral coasters and my unique design of “fish” key rings. All of this will be showcased in the www.christiancrafts.org website that I am developing in parallel with this site.

Everything will be available to buy via the shop on this secure site.

I’ve also developed some more commercially biased items such as company personalised promotional items such as Coasters (better than Xmas cards!), Keyrings, Round Tuits etc. All of this will be showcased in the www.lasercrafts.org website that I am developing in parallel.

Security is important

Notice the Padlock up in the top left corner? That means that this is already a Secure (HTTPS) site – ready for the online shop where people and businesses alike will be able to review and buy items made personally by me.

Don’t buy anything from a site that doesn’t have a padlock and be wary of putting any personal details onto such a site..

If I can help at all in the meanwhile please contact me. form and all of my details are below.

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