How we do it…

A little curious about what we do, and how we do it? Lets give you the Cook’s tour..

view of laser machine and fume extractor / air purifier
The Beast – CTR Laser model TMX 650 with Purex Air filtration, chiller unit and air assist compressor.

This is my CNC (Computerised Numerically Controlled) laser machine – It’s an 80 Watt British designed Laser made by CTR in Northampton.

There is an industrial Chiller unit to cool the laser tube allowing 24/7 tube operation and a Purex HEPA fume extraction system which sucks all of the smoke (natural part of laser cutting) out and filters out all particles and smells. This is a proper serious industrial setup.

Laser Tube
80 Watt CO2 Laser tube

I program it using a fast PC running CorelDRAW 2019 graphics suite (for Vector Graphics), Affinity Photo (Nottingham Based, proud to Keep It Local!) for Raster Graphics , PhotoGRAV3.1 for photo image to etch conversion and lastly LaserCut 5.3 to drive the beast.

Specifications and information on the beast are available on the manufacturer’s website

So what’ll it do..

“Soooo, what can you and your 80W CO2 laser cutter / etching machine actually do”? I hear you ask… I’ll tell you what a CO2 laser can’t do first – its shorter.

Co2 lasers can’t cut metal, stone or glass. They can mark metal permanently using special compounds, but They won’t cut metal, stone or glass. They do everything else though – including etching stone, slate, glass (round, flat, mirror) fabric, leather, perspex, wood, etc in precise beautiful detail.

The laser will slice through fabrics and materials – leaving a very smooth and precise edge. It will cut up to 12mm thick Perspex and 6mm thick wood

The laser beam thickness is 0.1mm – thinner than a hair – and the CNC accuracy is such that items cut out can be assembled using nothing but a small mallet or hammer – no glue required – tight tolerances. Pop over to our “What we do” page to find out more…

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